Data was last updated 6/2/2020


During statewide reassessments, county and township assessors physically inspect each property to ensure that records are correct. Approximately 25% of the parcels in each jurisdiction will be reassessed each year, over a four year time frame.

During a field inspection, personnel will attempt to make contact with the taxpayer to identify his/herself and explain their purpose for the visit. They will ask several questions to verify information about the interior of the property and request permission to inspect the exterior. If no one is home, personnel will proceed with their work, which includes an inspection of the front and rear of the property. When the inspection is complete, a door hanger will be left to inform the taxpayer that we were there. Photographs will also be taken during all inspections.

Each reassessment field inspector wears an ID badge and an identifying t-shirt or vest. If a taxpayer is uncertain about the identity of a representative, please contact the Lake County Assessor’s Office at 219-755-3100 for verification.

See the map below for an approximate time frame when you can expect personnel will be in your area. The areas in white will be inspected this year.

Note: Lake County will not be issuing Form 11s for 19pay20; tax bills will serve as notice for all taxpayers.

Cyclical Reassessment Map

The list below displays parcels that have been reviewed during the first phase of the State mandated reassessment. You can click on the link below and view or download the file to see if your parcel(s) has been reviewed during this phase.

2019 Pay 2020 Review List.xlsx