Data was last updated 6/2/2020



IC 6-1.1-15-1.1

As a result of legislative changes that were passed in 2017, significant changes have been made to the appeal process. Taxpayers wishing to contest their assessment must now do so on the State prescribed form, Form 130. Form 133, which was previously used to contest objective issues, and Form 130 Short have both been combined to Form 130. A taxpayer initiating an appeal should use page 1 to contest a subjective issue, such as the valuation is too high, and page 2 for objective issues, such as the property record card shows a garage that has been removed. For further information, please visit the DLGF’s website @ or contact our office directly.

The website has been updated to reflect the 19pay20 assessed values. We will begin accepting appeals with the mailing of the spring tax notices. The deadline to appeal will be Monday, June 15th. Please feel free to contact your township assessor or our office for additional information.